2021 September TRREB Market Watch


9 月标志着大多伦多地区 (GTA) 从较慢的夏季市场过渡到较为繁忙的秋季市场。每年,我们通常都会看到劳动节之后的销售额、平均售价和挂牌量都会上升,2021 年 9 月也不例外。与 8 月相比,销售额有所增加,并且也是 9 月有记录以来的第三高。平均销售价格环比和同比均上涨。GTA REALTORS® 在 2021 年 9 月通过 TRREB 的 MLS® 系统报告了 9,046 笔销售额——与 8 月以来的常规季节性趋势一致。与去年相比,市场状况明显收紧,销售代表的挂牌份额大幅增加,而全面的新挂牌数量明显减少。公寓市场的复苏是导致挂牌出售份额增加的一个因素。与 2020 年创纪录的 9 月结果相比,总销售量下降了 18%,这在很大程度上是由于新上市的数量减少了,比去年同期下降了 34%。“整个 9 月的需求都非常强劲,许多合格的买家如果能找到合适的房产,他们明天就会买房。与去年相比,9 月份的新房源减少了三分之一,对于许多人来说,买房说起来容易做起来难。住房供应和选择的缺乏已经到了一个关键时刻。人为抑制需求的创可贴政策并未奏效。这不是一个级别的政府可以解决的问题。 TRREB 总裁凯文·克里格 (Kevin Crigger) 表示,需要联邦、省和地方就解决方案进行合作。2021 年 9 月,MLS® 房屋价格指数综合基准同比上涨 19.1%。所有房屋类型的平均售价合计同比上涨 18.3%,至 1,136,280 美元。 “9月份的价格增长继续受到低层细分市场的推动,包括独立式和半独立式住宅和联排别墅。然而,公寓的买家之间的竞争在过去一年中明显加剧,随着首次购房者重新进入所有权市场,这导致过去几个月价格上涨加速。期待这种趋势继续下去,”TRREB 首席市场分析师 Jason Mercer 说。


September marked the transition from the slower summer market to the busier fall market in the in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Every year, we generally see an uptick in sales, average selling price and listings after Labour Day, and September 2021 was no different. Sales increased relative to August and were also at the third-highest mark on record for the month of September. The average selling price was up both month-over-month and year-over-year.

GTA REALTORS® reported 9,046 sales through TRREB’s MLS® System in September 2021 – up in line with the regular seasonal trend from August. Compared to last year, market conditions tightened noticeably, with sales representing a substantially higher share of listings, and a significantly lower number of new listings across the board. Resurgence in the condo market was a factor in the higher share of listings sold. The total number of sales was down 18 per cent from 2020’s record September result, in large part due to the lower number of new listings, which were down 34 per cent from the same time last year.

“Demand has remained incredibly robust throughout September with many qualified buyers who would buy a home tomorrow provided they could find a suitable property. With new listings in September down by one third compared to last year, purchasing a home for many is easier said than done. The lack of housing supply and choice has reached a critical juncture. Bandaid policies to artificially suppress demand have not been effective. This is not an issue that can be solved by one level of government alone. There needs to be collaboration federally, provincially, and locally on a solution,” said Kevin Crigger, TRREB President.

The MLS® Home Price Index Composite Benchmark was up by 19.1 per cent year-over-year in September 2021. The average selling price for all home types combined was up by 18.3 per cent year-over-year to $1,136,280. “Price growth in September continued to be driven by the low-rise market segments, including detached and semidetached houses and townhouses. However, competition between buyers for condo apartments has picked up markedly over the past year, which has led to an acceleration in price growth over the past few months as first-time buyers reentered the ownership market. Look for this trend to continue,” said Jason Mercer, TRREB Chief Market Analyst.


Posted By:Cathy Zhao


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